Advancing Geospatial Simulation in the Exascale Era: Modeling Planet-Scale Human Dynamics

Gautam Thakur

on  Mo, 13:5in  Room Afor  55min

In the rapidly evolving domain of computational sciences, there are untapped opportunities for the convergence of Exascale Computing and Geospatial Simulations. This keynote will delve deep into the transformative potential of these advancements by harnessing Exascale computing capabilities to simulate complex geospatial phenomena that span our entire planet. From modeling intricate weather patterns to predicting global migration flows to finer human mobility patterns and understanding tectonic shifts, Exascale computing has the potential to reshape our comprehension of human dynamics in an unprecedented way. The presentation will highlight initial efforts in geospatial simulation techniques, offering insights into their real-world implications. The keynote will discuss challenges faced in this domain, innovative solutions, and a glimpse into the future of planet-scale research in the Exascale era. This keynote also aims to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and its potential to drive global change, emphasizing the critical role of geospatial simulations in shaping our collective future.

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