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Opening Remarks


Advancing Geospatial Simulation in the Exascale Era: Modeling Planet-Scale Human Dynamics

Gautam Thakur


A Framework for Simulating Emergent Health Behaviors in Spatial Agent-Based Models of Disease Spread

Emma Von Hoene, Amira Roess, Shivani Achuthan, Taylor Anderson


PhobosBC: A Blockchain-based Crowdsourced Post-disaster Mapping System and its Agent-based Simulation

Raunak Sarbajna, Christoph Eick, Aron Laszka


Integrating Optimization-Based Spatial Unit Allocation into a Multi-Agent Model for the Simulation of Urban Growth

Annika Bonerath, Yannick Orgeig, Jan-Henrik Haunert, Youness Dehbi


Closing Remarks