7th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on GeoSpatial Simulation (GeoSim 2024)

Tuesday October 29, 2024, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Geospatial simulation is an effective tool to explore the physical and cyberspace (e.g., metaverse). New experiences gained from geospatial simulations can bring significant benefits including situation awareness, insight into environments, and entertainment. To take advantage of such simulations, it is crucial to advance the methodology of modeling and simulation, develop plausible models and apply them to domains, leveraging big data and evolving technologies.

The purpose of the GeoSpatial Simulation workshop (GeoSim 2024) is to bring together researchers and practitioners from a range of disciplines to disseminate their cutting-edge research in geospatial simulation. GeoSim will support the SIGSPATIAL community by providing simulations for various types of spatial data and problems. Using these simulations, we aim to supplement the community by offering a repository of synthetic spatial data sets, which can be scaled to different sizes and complexity.